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The meaning and origin of the expression: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

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Prepare another shot. Spock opens his eyes then shuts them again before she returns with the hypo. McCoy gives another injection as Tomar watches from a little distance. Just let him rest now. He suffered from it about ten years ago, and it recurs every now and then. There's no danger if he gets medication in time. He'll be all right in a couple of hours. I will inform Rojan. You will stay here. KIRK: What do you want from me now? I wish you to understand your duties. KIRK: Or you will kill more of my people? We Kelvans have a code of honour.

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Harsh, demanding. It calls for much from us and much from those whom we conquer. You have been conquered. I respect your devotion to your duty, but I cannot permit it to interfere with mine. Captain Kirk, what is it you call them? KIRK: Flowers. I don't know the variety. Crystals that form with such rapidity, they seem to grow. They look like this fragile thing somewhat. We call them Sahsheer. KIRK: A rose by any other name.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Increase speed to warp eleven. DREA: On course and proceeding as planned. We will approach the barrier within an hour. My first officer was taken ill. You may go. KIRK: Anything? It's installed in Engineering. That will give it a bit more power to push with.

Scott and Spock are in the upper gallery, while Kirk is apparently talking to Tomar below in main engineering. There is a rounded metal object on the console. Readings indicate it is impervious to any of our weapons. We cannot penetrate the casing to get to the machine. The final decision, of course, must be the captain's, but I believe we must have it ready for him. The Enterprise is propelled by matter-anti-matter reactors. The barrier we must traverse is negative energy. I can't say I like it. But it must be made available to the captain. Spock and Scott meet up with Kirk. KIRK: Well?

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The power source is protected by a material we cannot breach even with our phasers. Mister Scott and I have prepared the means for the only logical alternative available to us.

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KIRK: What alternative? On your signal, I will flood them with positive energy. KIRK: What? The Kelvans will be stopped here. KIRK: Are you mad? I can't just. The turbolift arrives. We're approaching the barrier. Kirk takes the Captain's chair, Spock and Scott their consoles. As the barrier approaches, Scott's finger is poised over a flashing button. With The Enterprise under control of the Kelvans, we are approaching the energy barrier at the edge of our galaxy. Spock and Scotty have devised a suicide plan to stop the Kelvans. They have rigged the ship to explode on my signal. Kirk starts chewing his nails with indecision All instruments off the dials, Captain.

We are in contact with the barrier. It's over two thousand degrees now. KIRK: Hold your position. Scott throws switches to stop the button flashing. The ship starts shaking as it passes through the barrier into intergalactic space. Damage and casualties. Operating on emergency backup. None affect flight procedure. KIRK: Thank you. So are yours. Hanar leaves. KIRK: What neutralising operation? We needed you to get us through the barrier. But there aren't enough of us to efficiently guard all of you of the time. Further, the food synthesisers cannot manufacture enough food for the entire journey.

We are therefore neutralising all nonessential personnel. KIRK: No! Now, as to bridge personnel. We have no need for communication. Uhura is reduced to a block of salts. Bye, Chekov and other crew. Kirk is walking along when he comes across a cluster of blocks and some instruments on the floor. ROJAN: Do you not agree that this is better thing for them than exploding the ship as your engineer had thought to do?

We detected it, of course. Tomar has devised a mechanism to prevent any further tampering. Please accept your situation, Captain. It will make things much less painful. KIRK: Is this all? It appears we four are the only ones the Kelvans consider essential. Why didn't you? KIRK: I couldn't. Assist me.

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  • Go ahead. He gets a tray of food for Tomar and sits him down at another table. Tomar takes a cautious mouthful. I know the casing looks impenetrable, but I may be able to do something. KIRK: Even if we could, it's out of the question. We need that projector to bring our people back to human form.

    They look over at Tomar, who is enjoying his meal. KIRK: What is? The Kelvans have superior intellectual capacity. To achieve it, they have apparently sacrificed anything which would tend to distract them.

    Perceptive senses such as taste, touch, smell, and, of course, emotions. Quite correct, Captain. But they have taken human form and are therefore having human reaction. KIRK: If they all respond to stimulation of the senses, then maybe we can distract them. They can't have been able to handle the senses yet. If we can confuse them enough, we can get those devices from their belts. It may be our only chance. Look for any way to stimulate the senses. Have you ever tried any Saurian brandy?

    McCoy is examining Hanar. Comes from taking food in pills instead of solid sustenance. High-potency vitamin concentrate. You'll need three a day for a few days. And eat some solid food, will you? The brandy bottle is empty, and the two men are full of alcohol. Kelinda is at a desk, apparently working. KIRK: I wish to apologise. KIRK: For hitting you.

    I'm sorry. You attempted to escape as we would have. KIRK: Well, there are better things for men and women to do.

    Star Trek: "Patterns Of Force" / "By Any Other Name"

    He strokes her collar bone. KIRK: Oh. Was it intended as a remedy? KIRK: This is. And gives her a full-on kiss with embrace. KIRK: Well, among humans, it's meant to express warmth and love. You are trying to seduce me. I have been studying you. KIRK: Me? This business of love. You have devoted much literature to it. Why do you build such a mystique around a simple biological function? KIRK: We enjoy it. KIRK: I did. Let me try. She kisses him, and Rojan enters. Apparently it involves some peculiar touching contact.

    Another bottle has been emptied. Spock and Rojan are playing 3D chess. Humans are very peculiar. I often find them unfathomable, but an interesting psychological study. But it is my understanding that such apologies are usually exchanged between people who have some affection for each other. Are you disturbed by the incident? She's a Kelvan as you are. Among humans, I've found the symptoms you're displaying usually indicate jealousy. Kelinda's a female, nothing more. Kelinda is preening herself in front of a mirror when Rojan walks in. They're not meant for us.

    Not for Kelvans. And I wish you to particularly avoid Captain Kirk. You have told me over and over again, humans are no threat to us. We are superior. I will do as I please. He has taken a rather firm hold of her arm. Hanar is having another vitamin shot. You've had three shots. I think you better stay on them for a few days, and then we'll see how you're responding. Gie us your glass. And I haven't seen Scotty in hours. But my man Hanar is getting more irritable by the minute. I'm giving him shots of formazine.

    What's the meaning of the phrase 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet'?

    That should have him climbing the walls. Kelinda enters. You will pardon us. Spock and McCoy leave. KIRK: You had something to say? This cultural mystique surrounding the biological function. KIRK: Yes? We do think a great deal about it. I was wondering, would you please apologise to me again?

    Kirk smiles broadly. Hanar storms off the bridge, and Rojan hits the arm of the Captain's chair. Drea stares. There's a whole lot of smooching going on. KIRK: Yes, that's too bad. Why do you defy him? We were told to find out everything we could about you. KIRK: Huh. And how's the research going?

    She's getting the hang of kissing. What is your purpose here? SPOCK: Automatic sensors and various other recording devices require monitoring and periodic adjustments. Have you seen Captain Kirk? I was wondering where he was. She seemed anxious to speak to him. Or perhaps Captain Kirk has more. Rojan leaves the bridge. The last drops of Scotch go into Tomar's glass. But I feel rather strange. He makes some jerking motions then falls off his chair onto the floor.

    Put him right under the table. He gets to the door, then stops and gently falls back against the wall. He slides to the floor, as out of it as Tomar is. Rojan breaks up the kissing session. KIRK: If you can't keep her, that's not my problem. Rojan drags Kirk away from Kalinda.