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Our population is around and we have numerous beautiful parks.

New Airframe

Chinook once was home to a massive Sugarbeet Factory, which in fact, is the reasoning behind our "strange" mascot. According to Jay Leno, it ranked number 2 out of "strangest mascots" in the U. Oil and gas discoveries have also from time to time, given our economy a boost, yet the major industry still remains agriculture.

Downtown Chinook has seen some growth in the last few years. The area has been very well kept and is a beautiful sight to see with all the trees and lush greenery. Numerous old homes have also been renovated in Chinook, adding a "touch of class" to the town.

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Our town is also very functional, while you won't find a retail "box" store, Chinook has all the basic stores that a small town needs to have. Click here to see a full member business directory. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and encourage you to come and visit us.

Montana Splendor

Our town is truly as nostalgic as it seems, and you won't be disappointed. Be sure to email us with questions, or check out the great links on this website to help you navigate your trip to Northern Montana. We have created an app for the area! This will be replacing the coupon book and be a huge help to tourists and neighbors.

The app has coupons for the Chamber Members, business listings, attractions, sponsors, and calendar of events. Download it now and we will be updating it regularly when there is a new coupon available or new events! They then spend anywhere from years feeding in the ocean, and return to spawn in fresh water. All Chinook salmon die after spawning.

Will foreign sales save the Chinook production line?

Chinook salmon may become sexually mature from their second through seventh year, and as a result, fish in any spawning run may vary greatly in size. For example, a mature 3-year-old will probably weigh less than 4 pounds, while a mature 7-year-old may exceed 50 pounds.

Skilled Helicopter pilot Chinook CH-47

Females tend to be older than males at maturity. In many spawning runs, males outnumber females in all but the 6- and 7-year age groups. Small Chinook salmon that mature after spending only one winter in the ocean are commonly referred to as "jacks," and are typically male. Alaska streams normally receive a single run of Chinook salmon in the period from May through July. Chinook salmon often make extensive freshwater spawning migrations to reach their home streams on some of the larger river systems. Yukon River spawners bound for the extreme headwaters in Yukon Territory, Canada, will travel more than 2, river miles during a day period.

Chinook salmon do not feed during the freshwater spawning migration, so their condition deteriorates gradually during the spawning run as they use stored body materials for energy and gonad development. Each female deposits between 3, and 14, eggs in several gravel nests, or redds, which she excavates in relatively deep, fast moving water. In Alaska, the eggs usually hatch in late winter or early spring, depending on time of spawning and water temperature. The newly hatched fish, called alevins, live in the gravel for several weeks until they gradually absorb the food in the attached yolk sac.

These juveniles, called fry, wiggle up through the gravel by early spring.

Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.

Chinook juveniles divide into two types: ocean type and stream type. Ocean type Chinook migrate to saltwater in their first year. Stream type spend one full year in fresh water before migrating to the ocean.

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