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Read the story, analyze it, pay attention to the verbiage, the content structure… everything! Make your title shine: Okay, listen… your story title is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, so make sure it really packs a punch!

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Bottom line… it must stand out! Stick to the classic story structure: Alright, now that your title has drawn the reader, how do you succeed in keeping his attention?

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Simple… get your character into trouble. Of course, trouble can mean different things depending on the genre: it may be physical danger, emotional dilemma etc. Make your ending scintillating and satisfying: This is an absolute must. Put simply, your reader should nod in agreement with your ending, without feeling that the story ended too soon. A resounding ending makes for a scintillating story.

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Sign in Get started. Nov 20, Never miss a story from The Writing Cooperative , when you sign up for Medium. Give them a goal. Your character needs to do something.

This Is A Story About 'This Is Sparta!'

Example : She wants her husband to get help. The conflict is present in the attack, and also in his unwillingness to contact the relevant people for fear of losing his clearance.

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Add sensory detail. Senses are what help us relate to our surroundings and helps the reader relate to our story.

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These are all sights and sounds we are familiar with. I am using your sensory memory to paint a picture. I also made the first sentence very long, I wanted you gasping for breath, just like my character. I am using your senses to tell my story. Find your theme. What is behind your story?

What are you really writing about? Sometimes I know this before I know how I am going to tell the story.

I have been wanting to write about PTSD for a while now. Our prompt was Going Home. The two seemed to match. I wanted an unhappy homecoming. I wanted to turn that around.

Symbolism is a brilliant tool to use. It does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. I used the American anthem to drive home my point. Good intentions, ending badly. The fact that it is incredibly well known helped a lot. One scene. Reduce your setting to only one. This scene starts and ends in a bedroom with an en suite bathroom.