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With three electric motors and a 5. The Regera is lightning fast. Each rear tire receives power from its own electric motor as the car accelerates. The V8 engine motor kicks in when the car reaches 30mph. With a combined bhp, the Regera is exquisite. Aesthetically, the Regera is based on the foundations of its predecessors however aerodynamics and down pull have been improved.

The interior of the Regera boasts a long-overdue cockpit featuring leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber.

29. SSC Tuatara

The Regera creates a classy atmosphere to drive in. The result was a masterpiece. To keep the car cool while racing at ridiculous miles per hour, the Reventon follows the design of an arrow helping it guide air towards the 12 cylinder callipers and the carbon brake disks. The interior of the Lamborghini Reventon provides the driver with the ability to change information displays with a tap of a button. The driver can do this while enjoying the smell of leather mixed with aluminium, carbon and Alcantara.

To mimic aeronautics, the G-Force meter shows off the car's acceleration, drive force and braking. But what about the performance? Well the Reventon has a 12 cylinders V engine and a top speed of mph. The engine allows the Reventon to show off bhp and lb-ft of torque. With only 20 of these cars built, the Reventon is a sight to be seen, a sound worth hearing and a price worth paying. Without fail Lamborghini continues to produce outstanding quality supercars.

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is no different. The bar continues to rise with each Lamborghini car. The Sesto Elemento, meaning sixth element which also translates to carbon on the periodic table, has mastered the use of carbon fibre. The body of the Sesto Elemento is made up of carbon fibre with a matte finish making this car both expensive and light.

This fierce and futuristic looking car shows off a variety of spoilers, air vents and an open rear end for spectators to marvel at the transmission and exhaust system. Its unique design is a successful deviation from the standard Lamborghini style; however, it has paid off. With its 5. The performance of this car is electrifying. It reaches lb-ft of torque at rpm and a top speed around mph. The Aston Martin Vulcan is a hyper car designed only for the racing track.

Its 7.

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For any adrenaline loving driver, the Vulcan is a sure thing. The braking system of the Vulcan is facilitated by Brembo racing calipers that cause all four sides of the car to pull the car to a fast halt. The driver of the Aston Martin Vulcan experiences great traction control and adjustable anti-lock braking power.

With only three Vulcans worldwide, this modern race horse is well worth the investment. While the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is not as limited in its edition as its competitors, a small cars have been built keeping it popular yet elite. Bugatti applied customer preferences and knowledge on the Veyron together resulting in a car whose power could be felt in everyday normal driving.

The Veyron Super Sport loves its corners working with the driver to ace fast corners while maintaining steady control. The car is a dream to drive. Not only does it corner beautifully, but it also breaks remarkably well under a firm foot. The Super Sport reaches a stunning mph top speed under lbs of downforce. Fortunately for its drivers, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport races faster than a bullet and handles confidently. In celebration of their 60 years of successful business within America, Ferrari decided to honor America with her own highly exclusive Ferrari, the Ferrari F60 America.

Ferrari will produce ten of these cars which understandably were bought in the blink of an eye. The F60 America was inspired by the F12 Berlinetta. While based on the F12, the F60 America sports several differences in appearance starting with a fully revised front and back exterior. For a difference, Ferrari removed the roof leaving the F60 open with the option of a cloth cover that will remain intact provided the car does not exceed 75mph.

As the driver powers through the seven speed dual clutch transmission, the car races from mph in 3. Its top speed is that of mph. The Bugatti Chiron is a rocket on wheels. With its 8. This rocket of a car claims a top speed of mph although the speedometer displays mph. The Chiron is the successor to the Veyron and what a successor it is.

With a larger, wider, and broader chassis, the Chiron is more attractive than the Veyron. Under the hood the Chiron holds its incredible W16 engine, exhaust system and a seven-speed transmission with automatic dual clutch. The Chiron blasts from mph in a fantastic 2. Furthermore, it boasts five drive modes namely automatic, autobahn, handling, lift and top speed. The driver can adjust the modes of the car at the push of a button on the steering wheel. Overall The Chiron focuses on providing its driver a ride from heaven.

Only 20 cars have been released out of production.

Most Expensive Cars Comparison (+ Planes & Yachts)

Thus the goal of the Huayra BC was to be the lightest globally homologated hyper car. The Huayra BC took inspiration from motorsports for its chassis and suspension system. It contains a new automated manual transmission AMT. This transmission holds seven speeds, an electrohydraulic actuation system and revised clutch-control making it 40 percent lighter than the average car. The FXX K is a limited track race car hitting bhp thanks to its 6.

Along with this engine, the race car is fitted with new camshafts and a thundering exhaust system. Besides that, they serve in assisting with aerodynamics pushing the car closer to the sonic boom. This is all beautifully packaged into four driving modes: qualify, long run, manual boost and fast charge.

Drivers also have the option to call up the Slide Slip Angle Control traction technology. Thus the FXX K tears down the straights of the race track while turning corners with exquisite precision and control. The Mansory Vivere Bugatti succeeded the Vincero more on appearance than performance.

Top 6 World’s most expensive cars cost over Rs 300 crores combined: Cars for the planet’s richest

The focus was predominantly on improving the face of the Vincero and so the Vivere was born. The Mansory Vivere boasts a shortened yet stunning bonnet with its contrasting black apron. The modified wings and LED lights further enhance the car while it maintains its V.

The car is breathtaking. Five double spoke wheels add enticing finishing touches to the stunning Vivere. On the inside the Vivere received another detailed facelift. With additional LEDS in the seats, doors and instrument panels the interior springs to life emphasizing the beauty of the carbon fibre and leather seats. As if the diamonds were not enough, Lykan went on to include gold stitching as well as titanium and other preferred gemstones into the interior of the Hypersport.

When you buy a Lykan Hypersport you are buying style and class as well. The mystery of the Hypersport is in the struggle for popularity. The V shaped angle of the interior was inspired by the Arabic symbol for 7 which is deemed to be a lucky number. The enigmatic interior of the car is carried by the 3. With a top speed of mph the Hypersport moves from mph in 2. To commemorate their 50th birthday in May , Lamborghini released four Venenos, three for sale and one as a demo.

The Veneno is based largely on the Aventador LP borrowing its carbon fiber monocoque, aluminum front and rear sub frames, and most of the carbon fiber interior. Powering this beast of a car is the 6. This brute power is executed with the assistance of a seven speed gearbox and a single clutch automated ISR transmission.

As the driver swiftly swaps between the gears, this brute car roars until it caps at a top speed of mph. The Veneno was named after the strongest, most aggressive fighting bulls known as Veneno. This muscle car lives up to its name in appearance. Previously Lamborghini made slow subtle changes to the appearance of their car but with the Veneno they went all out. Everything about the Veneno declares brute power and masculinity.

These 7 stunners aren't just super, they're hyper

The decision to produce two cars instead of three was based on the time consumption and difficulty encountered in making these cars. Where Koenigsegg usually created iconic cars from black carbon fiber, they decided to experiment with the carbon fiber. Koenigsegg discovered a unique coated fiber solution that turned the carbon fiber into a dazzling silvery white.

The name Trevita was well founded since it means three whites. As much as what the Trevita is beautiful its performance is more so. Thanks to a supercharged twin 4. This gem of a car reaches a top speed of mph going from mph in 2. The result was incredible yet not as successful in victories as one would have hoped. The car was created with endurance in mind. The car reaches a top speed of mph. In the Carrera Panamerican driver Umberto Maglioli maintained an average speed of mph setting a record in history that has remained uncontested.

It has been driven by three F1 champions, traveled between Europe and the Americas and competed in several races throughout its racing career. This lovely car is indeed a feast for the eyes and ears of any spectator or driver. The LM is truly spectacular. Ferrari designed the car to hold the V12 engine behind the driver whilst maintaining reliability and balance. The result was successful. Ferrari had done it.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World (with interior, cockpit photos)

They had produced their first sports car that held the equivalent of a racecar while driving on general roads. In a nutshell, Ferrari took their racing car and modified it from an open car to a closed car. A roof had been introduced. Although the LM never officially raced as a road car, private owners won many support races. In the LM got a chance to race and won a handful of victories. This history making car contained a five-speed manual gear box with a single dry clutch and reached a top speed of mph.

This elegant yet unorthodox car causes waves of nostalgia to crash over its viewers and drivers. Of the 22 models released from production, 19 were launched into international championship races. The Testa Rossa won ten of these races between With a four speed manual gearbox, this petite yet powerful car could hit a top speed of mph and get from mph in a matter of 6 seconds. When building the Testa Rossa, Ferrari chose to use reliable technology and engineering by choosing the SOHC V12 engine, old versions of the drum brakes and a chassis similar to that of the TR.

The results — a champion racecar, a legend, and a modern day collector car. The Plus was fitted with a 4. A four-speed manual gearbox helped drivers race ahead of other racers on the track. What makes this car scandalous is the dispute of ownership that was resolved six years ago. Only five of these cars were produced. This incredible car is regarded as the most powerful and important racing Ferrari of its era. This legendary car was created with one purpose in mind: to compete in the Carrera Panamericana road race in Mexico and was first raced by Carroll Shelby.

This famous car definitely left a mark in Ferrari history. Taking into consideration the nature of the Mexican race, Ferrari tailor-made the Sport to succeed. The coach-built vehicle takes inspiration from the Phantom I Round Door and embodies the svelte tapering glasshouse. Photo: Official Website. Built by German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes, Maybach Exelero is second in the list of the most expensive cars in the world.

It costs 8 million dollars and can reach a top speed of Kilometers per hour. Notably, the car is owned by Dr. Andre Action Diakite Jackson, this car has only one model. The supercar has a six-speed transmission system and the engine is capable of 1, horsepower. One of the units is owned by celebrated show host Jay Leno. The car was personally delivered by the founder Christian von Koenigsegg at Leno's southern California home.

Lamborghini Veneno was introduced in Geneva Motor Show with only three units. These three units were sold even before hitting the showroom. Veneno is a bhp, miles per hour road-going racer based on the Aventador.