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Normal is just space but it looks great. And really there are a host of others that make you want to switch up the modes in your driveway instead of actually heading to your destination. Sure it's a little thing, but that's what luxury vehicles are: a collection of little things that make up a greater whole to pamper the driver and passengers. Which brings us to driving. The Yacht theme is apt. The Navigator is a boat to drive.

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It can be quick thanks to a twin turbo 3. But it's large and when you hit the corners, you'll notice that. Not that you would go flying around any corners in this SUV. Instead, you use all that power to tow, well, a boat. The vehicle even has a feature that helps you back up a trailer or boat. Sadly I had neither to test it out. But if you're taking six of your friends to the lake, it's good to know you'll have an easier time launching your water boat into liquid via your land boat. All that power and size also doesn't do the Navigator any favors when it comes to fuel economy.

Most of that was driving in Conserve mode. The EPA average is 18 miles per gallon, but when you're actually splitting equal time between city and highway driving I got about Yet for the intended consumers chauffeurs and people with large, fancy families , the Navigator delivers. It's packed with luxury and the design updates give it a much stronger curb appeal.

Inside, the combination of tech from Sync 3, highly adjustable seats and minimalistic dash cluster makes the driver's chair the best seat in the car the size of a house. Just expect to become good friends with the gas station employees.

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Gogoro brings its on-demand electric scooter rentals to Taiwan. VW will reportedly share its electric car platform with Ford. Extreme E reveals the car that will race across glaciers and deserts. Latest Reviews. See all articles. There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

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Schedule an appointment with Rebecca Weihrouch. Go to case. Student Success. When a route is used to return a value, the route's type parameter must match the type of pop 's result. If you prefer to not specify the types, though, that's fine too. Routes don't have to obscure the entire screen. PopupRoute s cover the screen with a ModalRoute. Popup routes are "modal" because they block input to the widgets below.

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There are functions which create and show popup routes. These functions return their pushed route's Future as described above. Callers can await the returned value to take an action when the route is popped, or to discover the route's value. These widgets create internal subclasses of PopupRoute and use the Navigator's push and pop methods to show and dismiss them.

You can create your own subclass of one of the widget library route classes like PopupRoute , ModalRoute , or PageRoute , to control the animated transition employed to show the route, the color and behavior of the route's modal barrier, and other aspects of the route. The PageRouteBuilder class makes it possible to define a custom route in terms of callbacks.

Here's an example that rotates and fades its child when the route appears or disappears. This route does not obscure the entire screen because it specifies opaque: false , just as a popup route does. The page route is built in two parts, the "page" and the "transitions". The page becomes a descendant of the child passed to the transitionsBuilder function.

The transition is built on every frame for its duration. An app can use more than one Navigator. Nesting one Navigator below another Navigator can be used to create an "inner journey" such as tabbed navigation, user registration, store checkout, or other independent journeys that represent a subsection of your overall application. It is standard practice for iOS apps to use tabbed navigation where each tab maintains its own navigation history.