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At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. You submitted the following rating and review. Or will they find themselves in a compromising situation? Being frigid and a virgin, however, is a huge problem for the only son of a newspaper magnate. Enter Lucian Allard, a wealthy hedonist with a notorious reputation at the club Boudoir—and an unconventional sexual mentoring program for those who suffer from dysfunctions.

His untouched feelings also spark to life. Now Corey must decide if the program is still an aid or an obstacle to two lonely men trying to maintain a professional detachment but falling hopelessly in love. It wasn't all perfect and wonderful - it was real and wonderful and Susan Laine has managed to express that subtle difference beautifully.

It is a gift and it should be cherished. This book is now in my favorites pile, and I strongly recommend you put it in yours. This is one book that I wish there were pictures, some of the scenes I would have loved to have seen in real life. The level of detail is astounding and clearly researched.

It makes me wonder if she knew all of these things beforehand, or if it was researched just for the book. If the latter, then this was an unbelievable undertaking. I highly recommend this book. It might just win you over with the beautiful details and overall… sensuality. She is an excellent writer who spends pages developing her characters so that we really know each of them intimately. While there's plenty of steamy action accompanying the storyline, the focal point centers around the emotional rather than physical dynamic. Here's the blurb:. This is his home turf.

Plus, his favorite hangout, bathhouse Hot Haven, is the heart of the community--along with its owner, Toby Macintyre, who has been a sort-of friend to Shawn for years. Even so, an unexpected attraction sparks between them, further fanning the flames of change. Shawn has to fight for the future of his community, his beloved bathhouse, and for Toby.

The sauna lover quickly finds himself in some real hot water. They are best buddies on and off the set. As Mac and Dylan start rehearsing the gay intimacies for their new storylines, their fictitious roles and real lives get tangled up. One erotic experiment paves the way for the next. S oon neither is no longer able to tell who is falling in love—their characters or their true selves. This story gives that fantasy life. It is just cherry on the cake that in this one, I get a bad boy and a cutie getting together.

And even more real when the practice, i.


But he has no tools and no know-how. After a flood of biblical proportions, he has no choice but to call for help. With Paul at his side, Rupert realizes he wants more than a quick fix. After a couple of cozy dates and a few bouts of steamy sex, Rupert wonders how he can keep Paul around for good. I stories like this great ones to just sit back and get lost in after a long day. Loved it and want more! I will be looking for more from this author in the future. It seems Liam and Burton are a match made in kink heaven.

But where does that leave Troy with his secret and unrequited love for Liam? Super hot and heavy, but equally quite emotional in places. Taking place over a single evening, we hear from all three men, and what they really want, and with whom. Liam, and his feelings of inadequacies; Troy, and how much he loves Liam but can't let him know; and Burton, who never thought he could love another, let alone TWO others.

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More specifically, two of the men in her stories are positively fixated on male balls, if in very different ways. Humanity, vastly reduced in numbers since the initial chaos, has started anew in Canal City with the aid of library books and steam technology. The Scout and Ranger Core was established to search for survivors and to replenish dwindling resources. Dev is the captain of the scout airship Smoke Sparrow and Shay is the scholar of their newest expedition. Their destination: An unknown town that shows on no maps but is hoped to contain answers. This small fishing town is called Innsmouth, Massachusetts.

But the fog-covered, ruined hillside town by the bay holds within unspeakable dangers and horrors beyond imagining. The expedition team soon learns that Innsmouth is one town that should have been left forgotten. I recommend this to those who love horror, post-apocalyptic stories, strong characters, a budding romance and an ending that leaves you intrigued.

The author has certainly done a good job with world building and creating a unique blend of fantasy, science fiction and steampunk. Rudolph Hreinn has a problem, as well. When the winter sprite and the reindeer shifter meet, after a rocky start, a friendship of like minds is born. Attraction soon follows. But then strange things start to happen. Odd omens warn them of dire consequences for Yuleland and for the winter holidays should they fall for each other.

Can love unite two lonely men and save Christmas? I loved it and I would recommend it for anyone who wants something just a little different. I know we are past Christmas now but sometimes you just need a good little holiday book to get you through the day and this was one for me. This was one sexy, sexy book. Rudy being part fire giant was hot blooded and Jack being part ice giant was cold blooded and when they got together they melted the furniture! This novella, Tradeoff , released on May 18, , by Siren Publishing.

Their shared passion is cars. Milo will build them, Jasper will drive them. That single, spontaneous act changes everything. At least it does for Milo. Now, he sees his best friend in a different light. So, he devises a new plan. He offers Jasper a mutually beneficial tradeoff: the perfect car for Jasper, the full gay experience for Milo. Essential car parts in exchange for a wide range of sensual acts—and zero emotional complications.

When Jasper surprises them both and agrees to the audacious proposition, he and Milo are in for the ride of their lives. Of course, with something this unlikely I just had to read this book to see how Susan Laine was going to pull this one off. And I have to say I was not disappointed! Chasing after a beanie caught in the winter wind turns into a tumble down the rabbit hole for them both—science fiction style.

Sam and Marcus find themselves trapped on a tropical island in the middle of a strange ocean on an alien moon. The sole structure is a ruined temple devoted to the art of love. Flustered, confused, and unable to return home, they need to figure out a means of escape from a hostile jungle teeming with dangerous life-forms. In this tale where opposites attract and secret crushes are revealed, two very dissimilar young men discover they actually have a lot in common after all, but it will take their differences as much as their points of connection to survive on an island in the stars.

The explorations of the moon and its flora and fauna, their slow realization of how they may be able to get back, and the adventure of testing their survival skills was well written and often quite amusing. Then watching how Sam and Marcus navigated the foreign territory was an adventure. Sometimes stressful, mostly strategic, and simultaneously their banter was hilarious.

Five years later, they meet by chance. Toby needs a ride, and Jim offers to give him one. Their choices are catching up to them, and neither is on an innocent summer vacation. Renewing their friendship will mean painful admissions and secrets coming to light. After aimlessly wandering the country, all roads lead back home. But first they must decide what home means.