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Training Bats

So, what is the best way to train the swing? Swing; and swing with increased resistance, which is what an overload bat does for the athlete. Issues with both force production and energy transfer up through the body can be ironed out by training with overload bats. Training movement with an underload implement allows the movement to occur at a higher velocity, thus recruiting more fast twitch fibers. The Central Nervous System is responsible for these adaptations that are crucial to the explosive athlete.

Over-Weight Wood Bat Trainer

Simply put, moving faster helps train the athlete to move faster. The Axe Bat Speed Program comes with 3 training bats. When hitters first begin the Axe Bat Speed program, often times they will have slightly different swing mechanics with each bat.

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As the training progresses, they begin to blend as the movement becomes more stable. This can be compared to the athletes beginning the Driveline pitching program. Often times, the throwing accuracy with the balls of different weights is terrible on day 1, but improves over time. Creating a more stable movement that can be replicated when swinging with different weights and speeds is a valuable training adaptation for a hitter.

Axe Bat Speed Trainers powered by Driveline Baseball

Having a stable swing that has been trained at different weights and velocities ensures that the athlete will not lose that movement. Many teams around the country are utilizing this training method because of its ability to successfully train hitters and we are proud to have worked with Axe Bat in developing the bat speed training system and program.

Love it! Have been doing the same thing here in Texas! Great article.

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  • Love what you guys stand for! Out of curiosity, what were you using to test the exit velocity? Do you ever measure bat speed… or just exit velocity? Have you used Motus batting with your hitters?

    Would be interesting to see how metrics compare to the HitTrax. The program was fairly simplistic in nature. How would you compare the Driveline System to the Ammo System?

    Axe Bat Speed Trainer Program: how does it work?

    Does it utilize weighted baseballs to hit Total Control type of balls. I strongly encourage any hitter who has a desire to get better to utilize the Driveline bats along with the daily routines that go with the system. Our guys are understanding how to move the overload bat quicker without muscling it and are surprised with how fast their bodies can move with the underload bat.

    Elite step-by-step guided hitting skills, and swing improvement system right out of the box. Same program used by over college and pro teams is now available for youth hitters!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Youth players and teams that are before high school aged. We think they are perfectly designed for every year old. Looks like you're in.

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