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More Resumes More Professions. More Organization Records Nathan G Reid. Nathan A Reid. Nathan Reid. Nathan Michaiah Reid. Nathan L Reid. Nathan Gene Reid. Nathan Raymond Reid Jr. Space Eldritch. Untitled Volume Ii. Untitled Volume Iii : Art. Untitled Volume I : Poems. Untitled Volume I. Toggle navigation. Mobile Apps Login. Full Profile. Together, they must quickly figure a way out of their cell before a mob of angry inmates break in.

That is until Bobby, Prom King's arch nemesis, arrives to settle the two boy's differences through an epic dance competition. Speakers VP Vincent Pastor. RS Rob Sherrell. IT Isabella Tan. CC Ceylan Carhoglu. The boy creates situations to draw the attention of adoptive parents, while at the same time creating an imaginary friendship with his only toy, a doll named "Shala. It is the summer of The War is all but won.

The U. Frank, like so many other African-Americans of the time, is drawn to New York by the promise of better life only to be confronted by the same realities, fear, and hatred he hoped he had left behind. Ned the older son's humanity is challenged when he risks everything to give his younger brother Marco a real Irish Christmas. Speakers GD Griffin Detrick. KF Krystal Foster.

JH James Hughes. JI Joao Inacio. IO Imelda O'Reilly.

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The film features an all black women-led church group who reflect on what lengths they took to keep fresh. Hai gets attracted by the magical world depicted in the book, not knowing there's something else hidden in its story. In order to get married, she has to pass the Shidduch test, which will determine whether her life will be a success or failure.

Speakers AK Anna Keegan.

HL Haixu LIu. AM Anaelle Morf. LN Lyntoria Newton.

JS Jonathan Salamanca. Struggling to be heard by an ignorant healthcare system, they join their voices together to conquer adversity and create change. His radio gospel music review show has provided inspiration during difficult times; as well as a format for African American business owners to advertise, network and inform the community about current political and social events. Speakers NM Natalie Metzger. BN Bruce Nelson. A post-prom setting on what happens after the fireworks are over. When Joey protests this dark future, they explain that we only kill people in other countries, and only the ones wearing uniforms.

Confused as to why he should grow up to kill people, Joey keeps asking more questions, as his parents doggedly explain the "logic" of war. Will Joey's innocence prevail?

Or will his parents' indoctrination finally wear him down? He is found by Holly, a widowed alcoholic, who lives in the secluded rooftop dwelling with her Boston terrier. As their day passes, their friendship grows, and their personal realities begin to catch up with them. Speakers RH Roberta Herrera. JL Jonny Lewis. A Barcelona melting pot. This music-driven, high energy film follows the incredible Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra as they tour the Balkans, playing with local musicians and exploring their Balkan roots.

With a mix of extraordinary performances and intimate reflections, Balkan Roots is a love letter to traditional music and the musicians who bring it to us. Speakers CR Chris Rabbitt. MC Mimi Cave. She believes that running away from home will help her avoid seeing him at his deathbed. She chooses with run away with her lover, Alicia, who is in search of her own father. Little does Sophia know that while helping Alicia through her search it will also show her how much she values her relationship with her father despite the circumstances.

Browbeaten by his attractive and witty brothers, he longs to escape his life in the dirt. As he's growing up and getting older he is fighting a much stronger opponent. He suspects a man name Robert is committing fraud under his address. Marc shows up at the police station to file a report but is denied due to insufficient evidence. Speakers SG Sean Geisterfer. AM Azadeh Masihzadeh Lari. DP David Park. JD Jesus Daniel Rivera.

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LA Laura Aika Tanimoto. Speakers CR Chyna Robinson. Isolated from her family, Martha finds her life support chair the center of attention and conversation throughout her birthday celebration. After being ignored by her kin, Martha and her support chair charge overnight. Martha dreams of her late husband's tragic death. Stirring from her nightmares, Martha departs the room to return to one place she can feel at home. In order to get there, she must leave her life support chair and climb the home's stairwell.

  • Sophia Parnok: The Life and Work of Russias Sappho (The Cutting Edge: Lesbian Life and Literature Series).
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Despite her body's protests, she survives the climb, and is met atop the stairwell by an unexpected guest. Caram, her 'zenchild' great-great-great grandchild , finds Martha. The couple enter Martha's old bedroom. Submerged into her own world, she shows Caram a piece of reality: the chaotic outside, a desolate landscape of blowing dust and debris. Martha detaches the final piece of her mechanized body. The personal vest that once served as the connection from her body to her chair is dropped to the floor.

Only the human Martha remains. The two lie down, where Martha's life finally expires. This film was made to raise awareness for mental health. Mental illness remains a social stigma, especially within communities of color. Sharing narratives like this offers visibility enough to get conversations started on the subject, so we can grow to understand it better. Princess Yun of Li and Prince Jade of Yi, who had been childhood sweethearts and engaged to be married, had each inherited one of these powerful items from their ancestors.

After Centrum was looted by a mystery man in a scrimmage and its whereabouts became unknown, the emperor of Yi, deranged by power and ambition, took the occasion to wage war against Li.

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With a former ally turned enemy, Princess Yun was caught in the double bind of choosing between personal romance and national interest. Fate seemed left up in the air for Yun. Speakers AP Alexandra Petrus. DB Dillard Brown. JB Jordan Blazak. MA Makena Adams. During this process, abstract images surfaced, subsided, and settled, eventually forming the foundation of a film. What developed from this is a lyrical journey that explores the intersection of interconnectivity and lived experience. An original soundtrack composed by Graham Stewart of Viosac accompanies and complements the work.

The film follows Sadiq, an energetic 55 year old man who has spent the majority of his life behind bars. Sadiq is chosen to live in a unique, faith-based reentry home in the Southside of Chicago which aims to transition its residents into the outside world while also turning them into leaders through community service projects and youth mentoring. Speakers JM Justin Mashouf. JM Josephine Massarella. It features the five-piece band and their trusty dog 'Pop'. Personally discontented, Kemper becomes obsessed with the idea of bringing attention to his hero, but it takes a tragedy to put his thoughts into action.

Ralf gathers some of the most important jazz musicians in the studio in tribute for Scott. Speakers YC Yoon-ha Chang. MF Michael Fequiere. NA Nicole Alexander. During the ride, they explore what it means to be adult children of parents in a bad marriages. Whilst they try to work together to try and get back home, things begin to go wrong and truths between them begin to come out.

Independent, well-loved by her friends, and making her way through a man's world, Avi must now face the choice - rekindle the relationship with her father or close the door and move on forever. PE Penny Eizenga. FT Fred Thomas, Jr. NK Niv Klainer. NP Nicole Pott. DR Daniella Rabbani. SS Sasha Sibley. The young couple's distrust and desperation come to a head when Anna's misogynist bosses refuse to pay her.

Mark decides to take matters into his own hands. The results bear a striking resemblance to the research he has been conducting for the past decade. What they ultimately decide to do with it may significantly change the future of the world. Enter bold, brassy, sassy and sickening, the sequinned killer under two feet tall, Connie. Meeting fellow ventriloquist, Ollie Bloom, Dolly is encouraged to leave Connie behind and go solo, making it a supernatural bitch fight to the end. A comedy horror with a foul-mouthed, loud-mouthed, felt-mouthed star.

Speakers ED E. Dylan Costa. CD Cat Davies. ED Elizabeth Dean. ML Michael Lewis Foster. CH Catherine Hardwicke. TM Theodore Melfi. SR Sam Raimi. MU Michael Urbanski. BG Brett G. Friday , September 1. RMW also includes the management of performance Friday September 1, am - am TBA. ProtectHer-ProtectHer is a documentary film that aims to change the culture around sexual assault on college campuses by redefining "locker room talk.

This powerful film changes the narrative about how we define manhood. Artists TF Thomas Fink. EC Eva Chen. LS Laura Sicouri. But I have to get back to that barbecue. There's was girl, who Speakers JH Jeff H. CG Chirara Grabmayr. On the contrary, Moana does not stage such a strong relationship between filmmaker and document, its documentary nature stemming from its goal to capture Polynesian life on film.

In this paper, I argue that Moana and Man with a Movie Camera, though stylistically very different, both call into question emerging distinctions between documentary and fictional cinema in the interwar period. To me, a key issue that arises in comparing these two films is the relationship between documentary and truthfulness, which is arguably an urgent question, as we seemingly enter a post-factual period in the United States.

This selective representation has its cost because it escapes from and oppresses upon historical wounds such as ugly period of military dictatorship. The call to action is not a new trend that popped up on the scene instead its part of the new wave of fraternity culture and humor. With the release of the film, Animal House, fraternity humor transformed fraternal life recruiting potential new members into a life of excessive partying and low GPAs.

Thirty-nine years later, a new brand of fraternity humor has emerged from the darker side of fraternity life rather than the past of goofy and lovable losers of Delta Tau Chi. The two movies show a stark difference of current fraternity humor, coupled with the decades of change that fraternities have experienced.

Power is at the center of all fraternity humor because for men exploring and experiencing college life, the more incredible the story, allows that fraternity brother to solidify his reputation as a legend in the eyes of his peers. Victoria Hernandez is a writer who is passionate about reclaiming the art of storytelling. After working as Senior News Writer at HipHopDX for two years, she is now navigating a new lane between traditional journalism and artist relations.

She founded Kick The Concrete earlier this David Hernandez is a major-market, radio veteran with over 17 years of experience. David started as an intern with KJLH in , and quickly He oversees publishing and development of the company's unique and diverse artist client Artists FJ Felipe Jorge. JR Jayga Rayn. KK KB Kutz. KF Keith Farrell. Speakers NC Nina Cao.

Yet the exact opposite occurs with Creed, a Hollywood blockbuster that revives the Rocky franchise. But to assert, as many critics have done, that Coogler completely abandons his earlier predilections with his second feature is surely a mistake, for Creed is a complex interrogation of race and cinematic representation and a film in which Coogler allegorically explores his relationship to both black independent filmmaking and white mainstream U. I examine the ways in which Creed simultaneously satisfies the demands of a Hollywood franchise while addressing the fluidities of blackness.

Paper 2: Whitewashing: An Unethical Business Model There is a demand for inclusion and diversity within Hollywood cinema due to the unethical business model of whitewashing that American studios currently utilize for profit. This essay argues that a film can have fiscal success by casting minorities in leading roles, while opening more opportunities for global acceptance of diversity and tolerance.

The global audience would be proud and accepting of seeing films with minority leads because they- the majority — are seeing themselves being represented in a positive light. I argue that if American studios were consistent in casting minorities in respectable leading roles, international productions would be more accepting of it as well, creating profitable international co-productions.

He was lucky enough to dodge the gang culture and make it out alive. After a short stint in the Marines he wanted to help clean up his community so he became an undercover cop with the LAPD Gang Unit until he was shot and almost killed by a ruthless Latino gang. He quit the force, went into seclusion, vowing to never work the streets again; until he gets a personal visit from his old partner 'Detective Frank Crooms' informing him that his nephew was killed in South Central Los Angeles and the case could go cold unless Cam steps in.

Cam is now forced by guilt to find the killers responsible for his nephew's murder, which leads him back into the dangerous underworld of LA's most gang infested neighborhoods. After being laid off from his dream job and losing his supermodel girlfriend his life has hit rock bottom. An opportunity presents itself for Sean to prove he has what it takes Speakers RH Ryan Harrington.

EP Elias Plagianos. How to Successfully Release Music Independently Veteran music executives offer independent recording artists strategies on releasing, promoting and managing their music. Timothy J. Trudeau began his professional journey in the music business in As the CEO of Syntax DJ Hapa is considered one of the best guides you could have on the musical journey he creates every night. His list of accolades Marcus X. Stories of courage drawn from interviews with trafficking survivors are the foundation for the fictionalized account of Layla's journey as she confronts the monsters of her past and embraces the hope of her future.

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Artists MM Mischa Marcus. Kevin Swain, Director, Producer, Filmmaker. Kevin is from South Central Los Angeles and has propelled himself to international success in the entertainment industry. Wit -Two brothers compete to pluck a mysterious floating fruit. One of these is false View Trailer. Artists EV Eva von Schweinitz. GW Grant Withington. JS John Stamos. ND Nicholas Dollinger. William Quinn. RS Rippin Sindher. SA Sheryl A Gauntlett. Jesus, an alcoholic deadbeat in his mid-twenties, goes on the adventure of a lifetime looking for his Father, who may be God, with his best friend, Judas, crossing paths with Lucy, the Devil along the way.

After reconnecting with her ex-girlfriend on a dating app, Audrey throws caution to the wind by giving Claire a second chance. These are the first three episodes in a 9-part LGBTQ series, which explores the struggles several somethings face in the precarious turning points of their lives as they strive to define themselves and their place in society. A sloppy dressed girls shivers and drools convulsively on the edge of a highway. It is 4 in the morning. Luca and Valerio are the ones trying to prevent this story to become popular on medias, but the chances to save an overdosed girl when you took the same substances are really poor.

More in details, they are almost non-existent if you are as high as a clumsy doped horse. This girl lives in the suburbs. Carrying her there while she is unconscious needs a surprising coordination of physical effort and intellectual wits, if we take into account the very low calibre of the protagonists.

Nonetheless, she does not own the house and we find out that she works as a nurse of an old lady that scampers incautiously among the elegant rooms of her refined residence, animated by that true joy that only dementia can give you. In a closed system that totally lacks information, the presence of lots of money in the toilet of that old lady can influence your judgement.

Hooked is a black comedy. Speakers CC Clemy Clarke. MS Mitchell S Fahey. IS Isabel Stanfield. LV Luca Vecchi. AY Amanda Young. In recent years, scholars, cultural pundits, and industry professionals have mounted strong criticisms of this inequity, calling out the frustratingly low levels of representation and pushing for more diversity across the media industries.

This panel examines issues of diversity and inclusion across a number of media forms, including social media, video games, and film. From the perspective of both an academic and filmmaker, Prof. Toddy Burton will illuminate the diversity present in the Hollywood New Wave. Finally, Dr. John Vanderhoef acknowledges that these issues also persist in video game development, but argues that indie game and alternative game production cultures have challenged the homogeneity of the gaming industry both in terms of developers and game content.

Rebellion Revisited Through interrogations of exemplary films coming out of the L. Rebellion film movement of the late s and s, this paper elucidates a genealogy of film history that is particularly pertinent for projects of social justice and Black independent filmmaking today. To revisit the L. Add to watch list Add to wish list. Sign in for more lists.

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