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This means that patrons using the computers at the History Center may access thousands of digitized records in the Family Search program that were previously available on microfilm only. More records are being added each month, so stop by the History Center and do some searching in Family Search!

One hundred and thirty years ago this autumn, in , Jack the Ripper terrorized the Whitechapel neighborhood of London, England. The madman brutally murdered five women. Then vanished.

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Never to be heard from again. Or was he? Some 21 st century Ripperologists, as Jack the Ripper investigators are dubbed, think that the unknown assailant journeyed to America. Did Jack the Ripper voyage to Bridgeport, Connecticut? Selleck was born in Bridgeport in , living there for five years before moving to Nichols. He would later recall witnessing a house fire as a youth in Nichols, more…. That is no doubt why the citizens of these Puritan communities decided to hang a witch here.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

In addition to marshaling military resources, the federal government enlisted the cooperation of civilians, businesses, the media, and local governments to assist in the war effort. On December 22, , Father Stephen J. The erection of what would become Yellow Mill Village was the culmination of years of hard work on the part of Father Panik, city and state officials, and Bridgeport residents. The story of Kate Moore, the lighthouse keeper who kept the lights aglow in Black Rock Harbor is a wonderful tale of the sea of long ago. This mistake confuses the routing system, slowing down performance and forcing cars and Sims to move about the world in sometimes strange ways.

Secondly, there are small patches of routable terrain in the hills near the radio towers.

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NPCs and townies get stuck in these patches. These trapped Sims constantly try to walk somewhere, and this can cause slowness and lag. Eventually these trapped Sims die of starvation. The third issue is the routing when traveling in groups. The leader of the group will use the subway, though the others might choose to walk, even if the destination is very far.

For these reasons, Bridgeport's performance will always be substandard unless the town is fixed in a patch, or via mods. Another problem has been reported by some players that they can't build a SimBot in Bridgeport, because the option menu to "Create a mystery invention" or "Create a SimBot" at the Workbench isn't available. This makes Sims who already have a lifecore in their inventory unable to complete the opportunity even if they are moved to another world like Twinbrook , because the lifecore is still stuck there and can't be removed normally. A game mod has been created to fix this problem, it will make the "Create a mystery invention" or "Create a SimBot" option will be available again.

Due to multi-rabbit holes in this town, some opportunities such as this one from Professional Sports are not able to be completed despite the appropriate building e.

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City Hall being there. This is because the game assumes that the lot is invalid and therefore there are no options. This glitch can be resolved if the building from The Sims 3 base game or Ambitions is used e. Sunset Valley. Shang Simla.

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Champs Les Sims. Al Simhara.

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Appaloosa Plains. Starlight Shores. Moonlight Falls.

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Sims University. Isla Paradiso. Oasis Landing. From diagnostic testing to advanced procedures like transcatheter aortic valve replacement, to cardiac rehabilitation, our care is comprehensive. Click here to learn more…. With our many interlinked services, the geriatric experts at Bridgeport Hospital provide individualized care recommendations to ensure that older patients receive the special care they require.

The Cancer Institute offers a wide range of support services for patients and their loved ones, including our award-winning Patient Navigator Program. When it comes to innovative, leading-edge cardiac care, the Joel E. Smilow Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital has a reputation that can only be described as first rate. Yale New Haven Health. Browse our calendar for classes, events, and support groups that we offer.

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