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The GS, by its descriptions puts Henry on location where the relevant prophecies are detailed.

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Our only evidence that the Bishop of Asaph existed in any sort of reality comes from Gervaise of Canterbury. On the seventh kalends of March i. Whoever they were is inconsequential….

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In the enmity between Theobald of Bec and Henry Blois had dissipated. They had been the negotiators of the peace settlement at Wallingford.

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It is not unreasonable to suggest that Henry after having concocted a profession and consecration document for the bishop of Asaph while at Canterbury at a future date , deposited them amongst records. Gervaise records the above consecration 25 years after the event in , amongst a plethora of other material, the extract provided above. These dates being endorsed on the fake profession. Apart from the two witnesses and supposedly Theobald of Bec….

The witnesses to the Oxford charters never met him either. How could a living bishop sign next to a dead Walter? If he were not in Asaph…. Henry may have enforced the Arthurian part of the Vulgate and dismissed the rest of the HRB as tentative. In other words Henry Blois did not care about the History from the Trojans after ; his second agenda is Arthuriana and Grail literature.

Henry Blois nurtured the persona of becoming accepted as the venerable statesman when he returned to England in and had become patron to Gerald. Partly no doubt this was due to age, partly to a changed spiritual outlook and partly due to deliberate policy, but the deepest reason of all was perhaps a trait of character. Henry had vast resources and could pay or commission works by Welsh monks. This method was used to best advantage as that book was specifically dedicated to Henry Blois.

Henry probably had the only original monograph copy. The interpolations in DA and GR by Henry Blois act to confirm that William believed certain things which sometimes he categorically contradicts elsewhere in his other works.

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Henry Blois knew the Nennius manuscript was a patchwork of older works attributed to Nennius but did not know if there were other copies extant. The author of HRB has an agenda concerning Gildas and Nennius: Nennius, who took it ill that he should be minded to do away the name of Troy in his own country. But since Gildas, the historian, hath treated of this contention at sufficient length …. This volume which supposedly refers to the Chivalric Arthur of HRB is a non-existent manuscript and no-one else refers to it ever ….

The reasoning, I believe, apart from the fact that Henry Blois wrote the Roman de Brut not Wace for implying that such a volume had been written, is that Henry Blois had stated that HRB was a translation of a British book. That is apart from the fact that Wace in verse has the same content as HRB.

Fancy that coincidence!!! I would say nothing that was not exactly as I said. He caused him to be borne to Avalon for the searching of his hurts. He is yet in Avalon, awaited of the Britons; for as they say and deem he will return from whence he went and live again.

Geoffrey (1158-1186) (DNB00)

Master Wace, the writer of this book, cannot add more to this matter of his end than was spoken by Merlin the prophet. Merlin said of Arthur, if I read rightly, that his end should be hidden in doubtfulness. The prophet spoke truly. Men have ever doubted, and, as I am persuaded, will always doubt whether he liveth or is dead. Arthur bade that he should be carried to Avalon in this hope in the year of the Incarnation. If one remembers in HRB, Henry had written: The house of Romulus shall dread the fierceness of his prowess and doubtful shall be his end….

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