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Christian Meditation for Priestly Ministry.


The Way of Unknowing. Thomas Merton. Why Are We Here. Laurence Freeman O.

4 Essentials to Spiritual Growth

Title text information This is an excellent place for you to add a paragraph and let your visitors know more about you and your services. Easily edit by go to tab pages and content and click edit. This book is designed to provide inspiration, support and specific resources for creating and sustaining the practice of Christian Meditation among children, from first grade through to the eighth grade.

Her spiritual journey and specifically practice of Christian Meditation has been influenced by an inner calling to teach children this form of prayer. This book is particularly useful for teachers, parents and grandparents who feel the call to teach Christian Meditation to children. I hope you will see why a small, faithful meditation group has such meaning for our time.

It is a work is of great importance. By changing the people who meditate together it also helps to change the world. Our world and our children need the silent power of contemplation woven into all social institutions. We need to moderate our frenetic and wasteful lifestyles. We thirst for the healing and transforming power that only the spirit can provide. But when confronted with the reality of it, we can only break down and disintegrate or break through and transcend.

Laurence shows how meditation opens the way to this breakthrough. In meditation, as we drop all immediate concerns and attachments and become silent, we experience loss and separation. We taste death, and our fear of it gradually loses its power over us leaving us free to see life's ultimate horizon. In that new vision we find meaning and the gift of wisdom.

10 Things You Should Know about Christian Meditation

Bede Griffiths is considered to be one of the greatest mystics and thinkers of the century. In this anthology we find his unique combination of Eastern insight and Christian wisdom throws light on many problems facing the world today.

The Modern Spirituality Series presents selections from twentieth-century spiritual writers in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation. This book helps adults who care for children to share in their openness and longing for God in the silence, stillness and simplicity of Christian meditation.

An invitation at the end of each chapter encourages the reader to respond not only to the content but, more importantly, to the experience of sharing the prayer of silence with children. The book will help practicing meditators who are looking for a way to introduce meditation to children. It will also encourage those who have not practiced meditation to begin in the interest of children. These conferences were first given in the Abbey of Gethsemani and have since proved an excellent introduction to the way of meditation in the Christian tradition.

Dom John Main begins by describing his own spiritual journey into this way and goes on to show how it is a way open to all who wish to "open themselves fully to the wonder of God, to the enduring present. This pocket-size book is Laurence Freeman's little 'manual for beginner' on meditation.

He gives the beginner an introduction to Christian Meditation and the ongoing meditator a reminder of what the basic teaching is. There is also a valuable and detailed appendix which includes John Main's favorite quotations from the New Testament. This is the second collection of letters to Meditators written by Lawrence Freeman.

The theme of the book is taken from the last letter, which describes the pilgrimage of two hundred Christian meditators and their Buddhist friends to Bodhgaya, India, where they shared three days of meditation and dialogue with the Dalai Lama and his community. Community of Love John Main, O. In these talks to Oblates of the Priory in Montreal, Dom John reveals how monastic silence, stillness and prayer can call out a response in the spirit of everyone who "truly seeks God.

Door to Silence John Main, O. Like the Word Made Flesh series, it is filled with wonderful insights and teachings which Fr. John shared at similar conferences. Sarah Bachelard, an Anglican priest and theologian, explains that there are critical times in our lives, moments of profound loss, grief and fear in which our frameworks of sense seem to collapse and no longer enable us to convey meaning to overwhelming events or even to life itself.

She suggests that the practice of meditation and contemplative living may help us endure and integrate such turning-point experiences, and bring our life and identity into a deeper wholeness. In this book Fr. Laurence shows that the basic experience of contemplation is the experience of faith and that we all need to develop this in order to become fully human.

We are all capable of it - indeed we are designed for it. One of the world's leading practitioners of Christian Meditation, Paul T. Harris has gathered together the questions he has heard most frequently asked by interested newcomers to this flourishing, rediscovered method of specifically Christian meditation.

Based on his vast experience of leading workshops in Canada, Europe and the U. In doing so, he has produced a comprehensive, practical handbook for beginners and teachers of beginners on the history, theology and practice of Christian meditation. Among the questions addressed here: "Is meditation really prayer"? Spiritual awareness and growth are high priorities for many people today. Meditation is the path to growth, the way to deepen our own commitment to life. In the tradition of meditation the space for the expansion of our spirit is to be found in silence.

Through contact with the Life Source we can begin to understand the mystery of our being and to realize our potential to enter into fullness of life, fullness of love, and fullness of wisdom. The practice of meditation is quite simple, but it requires discipline in repeating a mantra again and again. Once rooted, it flourishes. This book's content is drawn from many of the talks that Fr. John gave to the weekly groups that used to gather at his monastery in Montreal, Canada. They were delivered to help people enter the experience of silence. The lessons gathered in this work offer a practical prayer companion for every stage of the contemplative pilgrimage.

Why would the Prior of an established Monastery in London give it all up to go off and set up shop in an old house in Montreal, Quebec? And how was it so many people, seeking a new dimension in their lives, journeyed to the Priory he founded in Montreal, discovered John Main and were forever changed by the discovery?

The answer lay in John Main's own journey. From the forward by the Dalai Lama "Fr. Laurence has written this book, Jesus: The Teacher Within, in full Christian faith, explaining from his own experience how relating to Jesus Christ and his teaching, combined with meditation, can illuminate the spiritual life I feel sure that readers of this book, especially those who seek personal transformation and inner peace, will find much to ponder and apply here in their own daily practice. This book was recommended by Dom John Main. This book includes modern translations of Cassian's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th and 18th Conferences.

This is what will lead you not to the knowledge that puffs a man up but to the love which illumines through the achievement of love. This booklet tells the story of John Main through letters, anecdotes, and reminiscences by family, friends and colleagues. A collection of photographs adds a personal touch to this story. The booklet gives a new dimension to our understanding of the man, the monk, and his teaching.

This collection of personal reminiscences and pictures by John Main's family, friends and colleagues is often funny, sometimes touching, always illuminating. Each one adds a new dimension to our understanding of the man and his teaching.

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This book draws from a selection of 13 of Fr. John's books with one chapter providing sayings from Fr. John on Prayer, God and Love. The Modern Spiritual Masters Series introduces the writing and visions of some of the great spiritual masters of the twentieth century. This book draws upon Fr. You will receive the daily quote so you can sleep well and receive sleep aid. The daily bible with soothing sounds will provide depression help. What our meditation app does: provide genuine prayers, calming sounds, and mindfulness to sleep better. Get help falling asleep through Abide. Embrace an anti-anxiety lifestyle with help for PTSD.

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We modified our Premium offer screen to make the subscription terms more clear. Remember that all of our 2-minute content is completely free! Virtually anyone can do it. Complete beginners or those transitioning towards simpler forms of mental prayer can adapt it to suit their needs. Your prayer time will be very personal and individual, different from any other person meditating on the same passage. Your relationship with the Lord is also unique. Connie Rossini gives whole families practical help to grow in holiness. Besides her blog Contemplative Homeschool, she has started a new site discussing errors concerning prayer, named after her book Is Centering Prayer Catholic?

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