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The court issued this ruling : "To treat 'false' facts interspersed among actual facts and represented as actual facts as fiction would mean that no one could ever reproduce or copy actual facts without risk of reproducing a false fact and thereby violating a copyright. Style, presentation, selection, and order can all be used to argue against a copycat. Most of the time, paper towns and trap streets end up going completely unnoticed — it's not like anybody is ever going to realize something's wrong when they go to visit their grandma there. But there are a few stories of paper towns that ended up having a bigger impact than anything fictional should have.

Most recently, Google Maps itself featured a town that didn't seem to be. It's since been removed from the main map, but with a little digging you can still find a digital memorial to Argleton , an invisible little hamlet located just outside of the real UK city of Aughton. The company has been a bit cagey about if Argleton was included to suss out copiers, or if it was simply added by mistake to begin with.

But our favorite story about a paper town has to be the tale of Agloe, New York. This is the only known example of a paper town that wormed its way into the real world.

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In the s, the director of General Drafting Co. Lindberg, combined his initials with those of his assistant Ernest Alpers and mixed them up to form the city "Agloe," and started including the town between the real cities of Rockland and Lew Beach. A couple of years later, he discovered Agloe in a map printed by Rand McNally.

Case closed, right? Except a closer investigation revealed that if you actually visited the coordinates on the map, you'd find the Agloe General Store. See, there really were people who lived on that stretch of land.

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And when they picked up a map at their local Esso, they discovered that the place they called home had a name — one that a mapmaker had plucked out of thin air. Jonn Elledge is the editor of CityMetric. Skylines is produced by Nick Hilton. Want more of this stuff?

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We notice that you're using ad blocker. If we can't support the site on advertising revenue, CityMetric will go the way of, I dunno, the Aldwych branch of the Piccadilly line. Which, let's be honest, would suck. That's the bad news. The good news is that, if you contribute now, you can support CityMetric's quality, independent journalism another way - and this message will disappear for the next 30 days. Argleton: actually a collection of fields. Sales Ended. Event description.

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