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Una variable normal se establece con una sentencia como:. Una variable variable toma el valor de una variable y lo trata como el nombre de una variable. Es decir:. Ejemplo 1 Ejemplo de propiedad variable.

Edit Report a Bug. Variables variables A veces es conveniente tener nombres de variables variables. Soy bar.

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Soy r. Then you must provide the full namespaced identifier of the class as shown below. Instancing a class normally not through a variable does not require the namespace. Another use for this feature in PHP is dynamic parsing.. Due to the rather odd structure of an input string I am currently parsing, I must have a reference for each particular object instantiation in the order which they were created. In addition, because of the syntax of the input string, elements of the previous object creation are required for the current one. Normally, you won't need something this convolute.

In this example, I needed to load an array with dynamically named objects - yes, this has some basic Object Oriented programming, please bare with me.. I haven't fully tested the implimentation of the objects. Regardless, this is another example of the manner in which the var-vars can be used with precision where tedious, extra hard-coding is the only alternative. Then, we can easily pull everything back out again using a basic array function: foreach. These are the scenarios that you may run into trying to reference superglobals dynamically.

Whether or not it works appears to be dependent upon the current scope. There was no problem because they were only referenced via a variable variable. I only saw a parse error much later, when I tried to reference one directly. It took a while to realise that illegal hyphens were the cause because the parse error only occurs on assignment.

PHP actually supports invoking a new instance of a class using a variable class name since at least version 5. Echoing the same variable variable using the function that created it results in the same return and therefore the same variable name is used in the echo statement. Have fun ;.

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Note that normal variable variables will not be parsed in double-quoted strings. You'll have to use the braces to make it work, to resolve the ambiguity. While not relevant in everyday PHP programming, it seems to be possible to insert whitespace and comments between the dollar signs of a variable variable.

All three comment styles work.

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This information becomes relevant when writing a parser, tokenizer or something else that operates on PHP syntax. Sometimes you might wish to modify value of an existing variable by its name. This is easily accomplishable with a combination of using "passing by reference" and "variable variables". The 'dollar dereferencing' to coin a phrase doesn't seem to be limited to two layers, even without curly braces.

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