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Coming from Moody Bible Insitute in Chicago, Heidi Foulk has had to make a big adjustment coming to Dayton, but she said, "Although it is a disadvantage not to be able to walk where I need to go, I do love being here in the mountains. He has en- joyed the time to be on his own away from his parents, but he really misses the coast. Bryan, along with other colleges, has its pros and cons, but according to the transfers from the fall of '91 , Bryan College is where the place to be. At my secular school they didn't care, here they take prayer requests and are concerned about me.

Transfers often find it difficult to get involved in a new school, but Alex Ken- drick came to Bryan and quickly became one of the busy people. Alex transferred from Kennesaw State College this year to join Bryan's junior class. Although his major is communica- tions, he was also involved in the music department. But that s not the only place you saw Alex. He also helped manage the men's basketball team, taught a BEM class, worked on campus, performed with the chapel worship team and as part of the pep band, and played intramurals.

And, of course, went to classes and did home- work. Alex transferred to Bryan when he got uneasy with his secular college. So I asked my dad about it, and he suggested looking at Christian schools. Bryan was the first school he looked at, and although Alex researched a lot more schools, Bryan was the one he chose. Apparently, still be a busy person.

I worked for tiiree years as a deejay, and I would like to go back into that. I want to make quality Christian films, the way Steven Spielberg would. And I'd like to stay involved with music. That's the unwritten law of the Bryan College busy person. Gerald WonUz I am reaOy impressed by the caring attitudes m the teachers. I decide to run some laundry to take a break from study, Wandering the halls asking, "Can I borrow 50 cents from somebody? Ebooks and Manuals

An eighteen hour course load plus voice, horn, and piano; I've even got a job at Little Caesar's gotta love that Italiano The strings on my guitar are out of tune and rusty. But not one of my textbooks has had time to get dusty. My path in academics won't grow easy, I fear; I take comfort in knowing that God wants me here.

I admire the professors for their dedication and love of the Lord; I can say without a doubt that this student won't get bored. So go ahead, academics, take your best shot at me; I'll just remember that God is in control and passing is a "C". Ginger Stone Tluy're very good. I jeel I zoSl be well prepared for graduate school and a career. It was a time when you get no slep and studied every minute.

Okay, so maybe not every minute, but most of them. Freshman Amy Price commented, "I got absolutely no sleep, and it was long, hard, and stressful. I was glad when it was finally over! Stress always comes with finals-tests that are a major part of your grade. I liked the fact that we got days off.

And the Argo's always try to help out with their midnight breakfast during the week. It's a great time to take a break and unstress. Of course, you have to remember that it's only one week. As sophomore Dennis Runner said, "It's a time of anxiety, but in the end a time of relief.

Oreg Hoist t VjE. On the majority, each officer spends an average of four to five hours a week planning activities and fund rasiers for their class. Sunday morning worships and late nights are two events that every class plans. There are also other activities that are organzied individually such as the Lost Sea overnight, bonfires, banquets. All of the class officers began the year with goals in mind to be accomplished during the two semesters. Some goals were reached; some not. Crissy Patterson, junior class vice- president, has noticed her class become more unified over the years.

She also has recieved more feedback this year from the students than in the past years. The main goal of senior vice-president Chuck Reed was to have the funds for the senior trip in the spring raised early in the school year, and this they accomplished. The most important goal of the senior class officers was that upon leaving Bryan College, all the seniors will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or at least know how to. These leaders representing their class are the ones who keep the family of Bryan organized and unified to accomplish the goals set before them for the school year.

Bryan Regier I like my class officers. They're concerned about us. He scrubs his body vigorously, striving for that ultimate clean. Exiting the shower, he climbs into his camel hair undergarmets and heads for the east where he engages in two and a half hours of prayer and fasting as the sun rises. Each morning, after such an invigo- rating start, Bryan moseys to the cafeteria where he partakes of his traditional breakfast: two scoops of eggs, two biscuits with gravy, one milk, one blonde coffee, and a tall sparkling glass of grape juice.

His spirit tells him that he is now prepared for the day. Bryan heads down the hall towards class. His face suddenly assumes a countenance of academia. He is passing the workplace of Dr. Cornelius, whose office he hopes to one day possess. At a. He spends the rest of his morning in academic pursuits, pausing only between classes to sit in front of Rudd, desperately hoping for some poor unfortunate to turn left. Just before lunch, Bryan visits the library to research the birthdays of historical figures.

After blessing his food, he quietly sings "Happy Birthday" to the figures of the day. Gulping down his food. Having no after- noon classes, Bryan wanders frantically around the campus in search of handbook offenders with good attitudes. Directly after dinner, Bryan returns to his room where he assumes his role as "Cowboy Quiet Hours. Seuss over a cup of raven black coffee, occassionally jotting down a note or two for his soon-to-be- published memoirs.

Just before all-in on Tuesday nights, still feeling the effects of the coffee, he embarks on a sacking expedition of Hun- like proportions, using the Christian term "Strict Room" to cover up his hidden agenda. Wielding his point pad before him, he carves a swath through Woodlee- Ewing North. When finished, Bryan sets his cup aside and bids adieu to his fair, slim Anna who lives in the oaken frame on the literary side of his room.

He then slips out of his camel skin undergar- ments they are incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in and drops into a beautiful rest. Dmnd Hokomh The toughest job other than the peace corp. My floor is the best. Inspite of aU the hardships broupit by confrontations, I'd do it au over agam, because of the relationships I've gwted.

Both he and his wife Susan kept everyone in line with the help of Dr. Sometimes we were crawling on our stomachs through mud no different than what our mothers used to scold us for playing in when we were young. Other times, we were dodging the biggest trout we'd ever seen as our guide fed them "Purina Trout Chow. Of course, once we decended into the dark, cool cave, Adam Nowlan had to try out his newly acquired mining lamp.

Un- fortunately, due to a small leak, more water got in than was supposed to. Luckily Adam had close friends like Chuck Reed near by to help extinguish the flame that resulted. The lamp may not have given off much light, but the fumes were something else! We could always find Adam, even if there was no light.

After more than two hours of laughing at our guides when they told us the next hole we had to crawl through was smaller than the last, we finally went back to our campsite right below the high-protien crackers that had been there since We "washed" up with the water from our canteens and then some people wen to another room to sing. Unfortunately, we discovered that we were not the only ones who knew about the crackers. While calmly enjoying the beautiful music, we were almost run down by a fast moving rodent. As the rat entered the room where we were supposed to be sleeping, we decided that staying up all night sounded like a good idea!

One thing we did not count on was the flashlight deciding not to work. In case you didn't know, caves are very dark places. Once the flashlight failed us, we figured we would rather brave the rats and bats in the big room with lights so we joined our sleeping buddies. It might have been lighter in that room, but there were still many dark corners, so of course we kept hearing noises all night long you know, the old "did you hear that" sort of thing.

Though we didn't get a lot of sleep too much giggling , we thoroughly en- joyed our time underground. If you guessed dorm life, you're rigtit. At times it's the noisiest, most aggra- vating place in the world. When you would give all that you own for some privacy, about twenty people burst into your room acting crazy with the latest gossip.

It happens every time. The closets are too small, the shelves are too high, and the air conditioners are ancient. The friendships, floor activities, and support you receive are awesome. Dorm life definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Nowhere else will you share experiences and friendships like you will in college. The rooms may be small, but the memories they produce will last a lifetime. What a scary thought. It seems to be the consensus that living in a dorm is actually healthy.

If the men learn to clean and to do laundry in college, their wives will appreciate those qualities one day. We'll also appreciate the quietness and privacy of our homes. Living in a dorm is frustrating, at times inconvenient, and probably one of the most memorable experiences we'll ever have. Where else would you play tag with your body parts? We haoe a real dose floor. Dam McLane It's fun, but pur years is enough.

Greg Hoist It's Wee a slumber party every nigfai Diana Me I'm not an open person, but it is neat to see now eoeryone dse encourages and bunds each other up. Class of '93 The Junior Life As Freshmen, we didn't know our place was on campus, but we were determined to make an impact. As Sophomores, everybody told us we'd hit that sophomore slump, but we defied fate and kept our enthusiasm up.

And now we're juniors. As juniors, we faced a number of changes. Many of our leaders from previous years had not come back, and new leaders had to step up, not just in our class but for the entire school. It wasn't easy, but learning dedica- tion and time management helped make the year a great one. This was also the year for academic changes.

We finally had to find a major and stick with it that is, if we want to graduate next year! For some reason. Also, for the most part, we finished with our core classes and started the academic agenda for our major. The classes got more specific and harder, but we survived. A lot of juniors started practicums, which took even more time and energy. Then of course, there were more of our classmates living off campus this year than in the past two years. Maranatha, Knight House, and BV all housed some juniors.

What a change that's been! Although we may not have had as big of an impact as we have for the two previous years, we held together and learned the importance of encourage- ment for making it through the year. For several male Bryan students it is home. They eat, sleep, and study? But what is it like to be somewhat isolated from the rest of the Bryan com- munity? This is one of the many ques- tions we asked BV-1 7 resident and student Jim Boyer.

Its sick. But cooking in the kitchen really isn't that bad.. Our cars get dirty quick with all the mud and dust. Otherwise, it will just degenerate into a mess again. We need someone that has the authority to make the occupants of BV keep it clean. He prefers it over Woodlee-Ewing, in which the rooms are "too small. And, as he was quick to point out, "Ifs okay once you get past the mushrooms. Becky EastKng It zDould be nice if the school would vay more attention to us, although I do like the peace and quiet, nm Vmiams Livinx qff-canwus gives you more opponumties to experience what Uving on your own is really like.

Alone - Adj. Description of living in a condition characterized by the absence of pantyhose dangling from the rod of the shower curtain. Descriptive of the ability to see the bathroom counter- top due to the lack of superfluous cos- metic products occupying all available surface area.

Indication of future possessiveness through purchase, e. Descriptive of the incompleteness of the heart and life of a man before knowing the love of his God-given mate. Married life is exactly that, married life. If it sounds redundant it's only because it is. For those who are married, the words "married" and "life" are interchangeable.

They are totally dependant upon each other for meaning: two different but com- plementary expressions of the same thought. One does not fully exist without the other; if one is missing, the other becomes less than half of the whole. So it is between husbands and wives-and grammar.

Grammar, marriage. Everything has it's place and priority. Verbs must agree with nouns. Adjectives must be used in complemen- tary ways and not excessively, thereby rendering them ineffective. Participle phrases such as "through the fire" must not be alowed to dangle. Many problems can be avoided if great importance is placed on the differ- ence between plurality and possessive- ness. Tenses must be adhered to: whafs past is past, what's present is present and what's future is future; never bring the past into the present or relate the future to the past.

Punctuation is very important. As a rule use as many commas as possible- they are good for pausing. Gerunds are bad-they are verbs which have been elevated in importance until they achieve the stature of nouns: no verb should ever be as important as your noun. As can be seen, the rules of grammar are of the utmost importance in marriage. If used improperly, short, choppy, and disagreeable sentences may emerge. Unfortunately, these types of sentences are difficult to bear and are usually cut short, even when they have tremendous potential.

If used properly, however, the great- est of sentences apppear. They are strong, enduring, purposeful, fruitful and a joy to read. Everyday I thank the "Great Celestial Grammarian" for my sentence and noun, and my growing knowledge of the rules of grammar. Perhaps that's why I'm an English major? Sheri Jones It's been wonderful having a xoife whUe stiU in school, being able to share schooboork as weU as other things.

It's been the best year since I've been here, and I lave it. Focus hard. Are those twins you see on the soccer field or are the ole trusted pupils playing games on you? Don't be fooled. They are the dynamic Neddos! Born and raised in France, seniors Paul and Marc Neddo have played soccer together since they were seven years old. Since they came to Bryan in 1 , they have both played soccer faithfully as well as served the student body faithfully in many different leadership positions.

Through the last four years, they have played soccer for Bryan together. Consequently, Marc is easily able to read Paul's moves on the field, but that may be partly from his position on the field--as goal keeper, he gets to keep a sharp eye on the performance of the entire team. Soccer has built character in their lives because the situations and competition on the field can be applicable to everyday life.

The sport has taught Marc and Paul to deal with their emo- tions, to learn perseverance, to forgive, and to see otiiers in a different light. But soccer is not the only tiling they have shared. Both Marc and Paul have grown in leadership skills throughout their four years also. This year Marc has served as president of Stijdent Union for the second year in a row. Paul served as senior class president and as tine head R.

Although some of tiieir struggles here have been because of having the other brotiier here, they still appreciate having the close friend nearby. The Neddos will go down in Bryan history or, rather, they probably already have , and they will be remembered as good soccer players, strong leaders, and close brotiiers. Alan Barth Relationships are Mnda like merry- gq-rounds. If you drink too much of it, and you don't get enough dirates, you can get kidney stones.

Many students complain that they have little or no free time. Between classes and homework and tests and meetings, there is not a lot of time left to relax and have fun. Music majors seem to think that they have the hardest time finding time to spend alone, but everyone keeps busy running around. Education majors are busy doing practicums and bulletin boards. Math majors have to help out in the lab, and English majors have to take on English Review classes. Communica- tion majors have practicums, and Chris- tian Ed.

Sometimes tiiere are not enough hours in tiie day. As Bryan Wells said, "There's not enough free time! I guess it really depends on how serious you are about your stijdies whether you have free time or not. Most of the stijdents are serious about their relationship witii Christ and their studies. I guess tiiat makes up for no free time. But as Hugh Dwyer said, "Free time is the absence of misery and tiie beginning of fun. I have very UtOe. I haoe to rush to get everytiung done. I would like to spend more time with rnu friends and my giryriend.

Terry Bafford My free time has a mind of it's oam. It takes place when I haoe tons of work. It clicks off the minutes, slow and loud. You try to escape, but you know you can't. If you get away from one, there is another awaiting you somewhere. It may be in the Ad building, it may be in your dorm; it may even be in the gym. We all know the various jobs around Bryan college And please don't forget those who work in the gym and with the assorted teams. So, now that you know, next time you see one of the money makers? Bryan wouldn't be Bryan without them. I laoe working with computers.

It's my career interest and I lave hebring people understand computers and fhetr problems. Daoe ]ones I enjoy working pr the Bible deparment because I 'm able to practically use my degree. It's p. Many students coming to Bryan for their first year were shocked to discover that they had moved to a town that stops breathing when the sun goes down. Such a town breeds creativity. At night, all entertainment must be generated by the students. Some go to watch high schoolers drive in circles around the Wal-Mart parking lot. Some go ride the circle swing at the park until the police come and make them go away.

The suspension bridge at the river is the best ride this side of Texas if enough people jump up and down in the middle of it and if s free, tool. Certain Bryan students' cars have also been found at Pocket, occupants still inside. Whatever you find to do at night, remember this: one night your child may complain, "Its 8 o'clock, and I'm bored!

TVe student, we. Dann Brown and Dr. What to do, what to do? The sophomore year is the year that starts the education. Oh, sure, you take classes your freshman year, but for the most part they are the classes that everyone else takes too.

lexgd7 I.7 draft 7 Lexicon text

Biblical worldview, general psych, speech, inductive Bible study-that kind of stuff. How- ever, your sophomore year, all that changes and you are seriously faced with the idea of There are many options at this point. For example, there is the rational approach: What am I most interested in? What do I want to do for the rest of my life?

What will make me the most money? Where do my gifts and talents lie? What is the easiest major? Answering these questions will help you make a rational, serious decision about what major to choose. What is my best friend majoring in and could I copy enough tests and papers off of them to be able to graduate? And the most important Which major did the dart hit? However, there are variations that work as well--the coin flip, eeny meeny miney moe, The attitudes toward banquets at Bryan College are as goes..

Let's face it, not everyone liked to buy a new outfit, order a flower, put on heels or a tie to go to the cafeteria for thirty minutes. With this negative attitude in mind, banquet coordinators give their best to make the night worth the effort. One aspect of Bryan banquets that is most enjoyable is the food. The buffet provides a wide variety of dishes, vegetables, and salads. A lot of organization and participation goes into the making of a successful banquet. Senior Sheila Mayhood had a large part in the Homecoming banquet put on by the Senate.

She says, "A banquet is easier to put on when there are many people dedicated to helping. There are so many things to remember such as table arrangements, food, servers, decorations, and pictures. Homecoming was difficult because it did not only consist of a banquet, but also games at the soccer field and the decoration of the den. Banquets seem as if they will not work out at the last minute, but they end up a success. A prominent suggestion stated by students, including Alex Kendrick and Melissa Goodman, is to provide entertain- ment. At tiie Christmas banquet, the acapella group "Detour" delighted the students with tiieir own versions of popular Chirstmas carols.

But not every banquet includes entertainment. Alex said, "Having entertainment would make the evening more worthwhile. Just slip into some- thing nice and head down to the cafeteria to an enchanting evening with an elegant atinostphere, a mouth-watering buffet, and great table conversation witii your friends. Cheryl Warfd Cheryl had the best-kkins; date at the Christmas banquet. Noel Christy I think the Valentine's Banquet went ooer great!

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  2. Bella Now Adopted!?
  3. Whimpering (Tasia Twosomes)?
  5. Casting Shadows (An Exposition of Growing Up Book 3).
  6. Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease.

The freshmen put a lot of hard xoork in and it paid off! The year started with Brian White's concert, and even though Bryan has had many visits from Brian, his September concert was still successful. November was one of the bigger concert months--the month started with the Rick Cua concert, with Wes King opening. Although many students enjoy the music of Rick Cua, Wes King was definitely the favored act that night.

  • See a Problem?.
  • Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities.
  • William Massey: New Zealand (Makers of the Modern World).
  • Sommarfräsch.
  • The month ended with Caravan weekend, and the Brian Becker concert that started it. However, second semester's WhiteHeart concert was the most impres- sive and the biggest Rudd Auditorium has ever seen. It took a hour work day by the band, their roadies, Jag the opener , and Union members to set up for it. Karts of Rudd had to be closed down so the electricity could be directed to the stage. But rumors had it that this was the first time WhiteHeart had ever played in Chattanooga or Knoxville, so the place was packed. Even though WhiteHeart will be hard to top, big plans are in the works for next year, too, if all goes well.

    Union president- elect Andy Jones has high hopes for the year, and so do campus music fans. Nod Christy WtttdHeart pursued my ears. What are they? Why are they? Any why must they always interfere with hat big date you had planned for just that night? Why, I ask you? Well, let me share my theory. Somebody somewhere in the higher-ups of the Bryan administra- tion has decided that we need a little taste of culture my parents feel the same way.

    So we have the Fine Arts Concert Series. Now, as much fun as it is to ridicule the idea and very being of Fine Arts Concerts, I must admit I have enjoyed the ones I've attended so far. Mozart's Re- quiem was excellent and the Christmas concert was just as good. Oh well, it will probably be worth it. As our own Dr. Bill Brown put it, "What can you say about a place like Bryan? We have WhiteHeart one weekend and the stones the next. The only difference is that WhiteHeart doesn't count as a Fine Arts requirement.

    Bryan Wells They've brought in great groups! Get up already! You're the one who set me to wake you at 8, and It's You've hit my snooze bar twice already, and there's not a whole lot left that I can do for you. I'm only a little alarm clock. I can't pull you out of bed. You just have to get up. You have chapel at 10, and it's no-cut. If you don't go you'll have to pay that five- dollar fine.

    You'll get one of those notes in your box-and you're out of money and not able to pay. So you'll be avoiding the SDO office like the plague. Besides, you know you'll get a blessing by going. Remember the other no-cut chapels you went to? John Fischer, Allister Begg. What about that Christian Life conference? Just get up and go. You know that deep down inside you really want to. What's this? You moved, you stirred! Good, good! Now keep going and open your eyes. That's it! Now you're going.

    Sit up. Okay, camper, hit the showers! You want people to sit by you, don't you? Kdsey HartzeU I realty don't mind having no-cuts because there are so few of them. Yvette Watson Most of the things they do pick are things that are very beneficial for the students to go to. While both are apt to encourage each student to grow in their understand- ing of life, church and chapel each have their own qualities which set them apart from one another.

    This year's chapel sessions offered the student the chance to see and hear different speakers, each speaking on a wide range of topics. Michael Holt spoke on youth issues, while Erwin Lutzer presented the dangers of the New Age philosophies. Alister Begg emphasized Bible study and pursuing God, Bill Jones presented the imperative to reach the world for Christ, and our own Dr. William Brown argued that we should do our best in all areas of our lives.

    Chapel also provided a forum for the organizations, students, and faculty to present skits, songs, speeches, and even business updates. These ranged from the junior class' urging to take advantage of the presence of God to Dr. Hanna stating the results of the trustee meetings. And on Sundays, most of the stijdents could be found in various "local" churches some as far away as Chattanooga , attending Sunday school and the worship services. Many students, however, were even more involved with the church they had chosen and attended Wednesday night services.

    One of the main benefits of church over chapel is the exposure to other people and Christians outside of the immediate Bryan College community. Friends and acquaintances of all ages can be made, from the very young to the extremely old, the common bond of Christ can bring unity.

    So then, each student should not look at church and chapel attendance as so much of a chore as it is a chance to learn about life and God, and a chance to share in worship and the praising of God. Jim Bayer I think Dean Ropp's done a great job with chapels mis year.

    They've oeen really mtensting. Ohcey Baley I am glad they are scheduling chapd speakers who speak to the needs of the students. Meredith Uss chmMiis 8 fsimf ch Class of ' On each of these two day classes are cancelled. Interspersed through- out the rest of the day are prayer groups, communion, a "concert of prayer," and a special speaker. The speaker for the first semester's Day of Prayer was Allister Begg, and he spoke on being broken before God. He spoke about faith in the book of Habbukuk.

    The Day of Prayer offers students a time to spend with God without any distractions, but it also offers the students a choice. Loneliness seems to have become the great American disease. I did a search on the topic and found most persons will go along with with your site. You made some decent points there. I looked on line for that issue and identified a lot of people will go coupled with with all your website. You are wonderful! What i discover troublesome is to find a weblog that may capture me for a minute however your blog is different.

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