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March 26 - West Virginia votes for gradual emancipation in the state. May 10 - Death of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

Civil War Timeline

May 19 - First assault on Vicksburg, Mississippi. May 22 - Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana begins. June 7 - Battle of Milliken's Bend, Louisiana. June 23 - Tullahoma Campaign begins in Middle Tennessee. Meade replaces Joseph Hooker as head of the Army of the Potomac. July 1 - Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania begins.

July 4 - Confederates surrender Vicksburg, Mississippi. July 18 - Assault on Battery Wagner, led by the 54th Massachusetts. October 14 - Battle of Bristoe Station, Virginia. October 19 - Cavalry engagement known as the Buckland Races, Virginia. October 28 - Engagement at Wauhatchie, Tennessee. November 4 - Knoxville Campaign begins. November 7 - Battle of Rappahannock Station, Virginia. November 19 - President Lincoln delivers the "Gettysburg Address".

“Leaving Off the ‘O'”: Insights into Irish Emigrant Name Changes in 1860s America

November 24 - Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. November 25 - Battle of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee. February 2 - Southern navy captures U. February 17 - Confederate submarine H. Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic.

February 29 - George Custer's cavalry fights skirmishes during a raid on Albermarle County, Virginia. March 5 - Confederate government orders all vessels to give half freight capacity to government shipments. March 12 - Red River Expedition begins in Louisiana. May 8 - Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia. June 11 - Battle of Trevilian Station, Virginia. June 15 - First attack on Petersburg, Virginia.

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July 14 - Battle of Tupelo Harrisburg , Mississippi. July 17 - Confederate General J. Hood replaces J. Johnston as commander of the Army of Tennessee. August 31 - Union Gen. September 22 - Battle of Fisher's Hill, Virginia. September 30 - Battle of Peebles' Farm, Virginia. October 9 - Engagement at Tom's Brook, Virginia. October 13 - Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby robs train near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. October 19 - Raid on St. Albans, Vermont. November 15 - William T. Sherman departs Atlanta on the March to the Sea, leaving Atlanta in ruins.

Civil War 1862

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